About Us

An organization of youth for the betterment of “Deserving Citizens”

Friends trust is a social organization, was incepted by like-minded, socially inclined friends from different walks of life. All pursuing their graduation and committed to work for the rights of the under-privileged. Every individual has the privilege and right of being educated and we friends are trying our best for them to enjoy the same.
Our aim is to help the under privileged to experience the bliss of being educated. We believe that by fulfilling the educational needs, every child can make his/her own living better.
Thus it is with this small wish and aim of our trust we a group of friends began the “FRIENDS CHARITABLE TRUST”. The trust was formally registered under the Act of 1961 and it founded its way of beginning on 27th January 2011.
Deduction in respect of donations to friends trust will be allowed under Section 80G of the Income tax Act, 1961, in the hands of donors subject to the limits prescribed therein.

What we do

FRIENDS members have enormous ideas to improve the literacy percentage of this nation. The founders respect the ideas of each and every member to improve FRIENDS and march towards the dream.

FRIENDS work towards providing education to children for whom that is unreachable. As a first step it is helping few school drop outs to get back to their studies. It will be extended for special children who are physically / mentally challenged. At present work has commenced in Tamil Nadu soon it will be extended to other places.


To visualize a society free from poverty especially on the part of disadvantaged children and women, to unshackle them from deprived conditions, and ensure them with equality so that they can enjoy their rights and privileges, gain a respectable social status and lead a life of dignity.

Our team is a multifarious mix of people from all walks of life but with a common passion to make a difference in the lives of the lesser privileged.


To impart education to the under privileged irrespective of their caste. To eradicate child labour and implement the right to education for all. and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT – To enrich the role of women in the society.

Soul Aim of the organization is to support educational cause and help students who wish to study but are unable to due to economical or financial reasons.

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